About Säntis Pilates

SäntisPilates got its name from Mount Säntis, one of the tallest mountains in eastern Switzerland. Sabine grew up in Switzerland and Mount Säntis is one of her childhood memories.


Sabine has a Modern Dance background but worked many years in the advertising industry until she finally decided to train with the Pilates Institute in London to become a certified Pilates instructor. The Pilates Institute research based technique follows a strict neutral pelvic alignment.

She is teaching mat classes in Hampstead and visits private clients at home for their tailor made one-to-one sessions.

She is also a mum of two girls and knows the lifestyle of busy mothers only too well. Her mat classes attract mostly women who are looking for some mind & body exercises in a friendly environment of likeminded people.

Sabine Fischer is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals


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