Want to improve your tennis game?

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Anyone who plays tennis knows the importance of agility, stamina and physical power.

Many high performance athletes now understand Pilates as an exercise method that helps them focus on developing balanced muscles for better breathing techniques, better posture, more power and improved spinal alignment.

A growing number of tennis players (past and present) practice Pilates to improve their muscle control and flexibility: Venus and Serena Williams, Lindsay Davenport, Martina Navratilova, Pat Cash and Roger Federer.

A good tennis player is required to have strong muscle endurance, flexibility and proper balance in order to not only be quick to hit the ball but also to be quick in reaction and changing directions. Each game involves controlled twisting in the upper body, so that the player can make successful strokes.

Racquet sports like squash, badminton and tennis require players to use the same hand to hit the ball. Such one-sided movements create an unbalanced body that often results in over-use injuries. Pilates corrects over-training and helps you to rebalance the muscles around your joints, making them work effectively reducing the chance of injury.

Common tennis injuries include sprained ankle, shoulder pain, calf strain, stress fracture of the back and tennis elbow.

Avoid upper body injuries by building a balanced body with strength and flexibility in the shoulder muscles. Serious tennis players are often troubled by stress injuries in the lower limbs. Such injuries relate to the rapid changes of direction, sudden stopping and starting, and reaching for shots.

Pilates can help to avoid these injuries by improving the spinal alignment and by strengthening and teaching the correct use of the lower back muscles.

By adding Pilates to your training programme you can achieve the following:

  • Improve power of your strokes by strengthening the core muscles
  • Improve your body balance for quick reaction
  • Improve your muscle control to prevent over-use injury
  • Improve flexibility with a more balanced body
  • Improve strength and rotation of the shoulders which will add more power to your serve
  • Reduce back injury by increasing the flexibility of your muscles

Consistent Pilates exercise keeps your core muscles strong and gives you more powerful strokes and endurance for your tennis match. Pilates also helps to create a better connection between body and mind.

Pilates will give you that extra edge on the court.


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Dear Sabine,

I benefit so much from your classes. Your instruction is always knowlegable and helpful. Even in a class setting you are able to give indiviual attention to everyone.
Having moved from London, I can see physically how much I benefited from your classes. I am hoping that I will be able to find a pilates insturctor as wonderful as I had with you.
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