The bag – daily on your shoulder

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Injuries resulting from improper carrying of your bag can become chronic and can impact your quality of life.

Here are my top ten tips on how to choose and carry your bag:

  1. When choosing a shoulder bag, make sure the bag rests on your shoulder without holding it in place with your hand.
  2. Bags with a single shoulder strap are not ideal. However, if you choose this option, ensure the strap is long, wide, adjustable, and padded if possible. Ensure that the straps do not fit too snugly. Poorly designed shoulder straps can dig deep into muscles causing strain and pinched nerves. If you have single strap bags, place the strap over your head and across the shoulders to distribute the weight more evenly across your back.
  3. Most important of all: don’t carry your bag on the same side every day. If you have been holding your bag on your right shoulder, switch to the left for a while and eventually alternate daily, same applies for messenger bags.
  4. Backpacks with wide, adjustable, and padded straps are an excellent option because they distribute the weight evenly.
  5. When using a backpack, use both shoulder straps and the waist strap, and adjust them to minimize movement of the bag.
  6. Pack the heavier items close to the back. Backpacks with many compartments will help you equalize and distribute the load. Pointy objects should be packed away from the wearer’s spine.
  7. As an alternative to backpacks, wheelies are great, but sometime they are just not appropriate plus they aren’t good with stairs.
  8. Carry only the items that are required for each particular day. Reducing the weight you need to carry is important to avoiding injury. Take time to check your handbag or briefcase each day and remove items that you do not need.
  9. Try to maintain good posture. When standing, your head, shoulders, hips, and ankles should line up, one above the other. Roll your shoulders back and down and gently pull your head and chin back, engage your core muscles.
  10. Exercise can help prevent injury. Regular exercise will help the body stay conditioned. Specific strengthening exercises for the back and abdominal area, or core, will help promote good posture and prevent injury.

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